Tuesday December 22nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday December 22nd


Tuesday December 22nd

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General Warm-Up:

Tabata Air Squats


Pigeon Stretch, Couch Stretch – 1 minute each side.

Warm-Up 2:

3 Rounds (PVC, Barbell, Barbell) – 5 Jumping Squats, 5 Burpees. Rest 1 minute between.

Part 1:

Back Squats – 8 minutes to build to WOD weight

Part 2:

British Major Birchall was killed by an explosion while on patrol in Basharan, near Lashkar Gah, in Helmand province, Afghanistan. One other soldier was injured in the incident


For Time:
100 Back Squats
Perform 5 Burpees at the start of each minute.

RX – Body Weight, L2 – 3/4 BW, L1 – 1/2 BW or less  *20 min cap


Lower the squat reps and/or burpee reps where needed, Goblet/DB Squats


Foam Roll Quads, Glutes, Back


Choose a weight you can comfortably do 10 Reps and Clean from the floor and choose a burpee quantity you can do in under 15-20 seconds. WOD starts with burpees so use 1st minute to determine your pace. 

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