Tuesday January 12th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday January 12th


Tuesday January 12th

Part 1:

Movement Prep & Warm-Up

Part 2:

“Double KB Helen”
3 Rounds:
400m Run
21 Double RKB Swings
12 Pull-Ups

RX 35/26, L2 26/18, L1 18/13


Dbl RKBS => Heavy Single RKBS, 12 Pullups => 20 Ring Rows


3-5 Sets:
15 Two Handed Single KB Curl
10 Chainsaw Rows Each Arm
20 Alternating Single Leg KB Deadlifts


The original version of “Helen” provides us with a test of speed, endurance, and grip – an all-out effort! The heavier version also pushes us to move quickly. Parts of today’s workout will still be fast, but we should respect the unique Double KB Swing. Today we want a KB loading that feels heavy but allows athletes to consistently swing for at least 7 consecutive repetitions with two kettlebells every time they pick them up. The pull-ups and run will still allow us to push fast like the original version, but the Double KB Swing will surely leave a mark.

Scaling Options:

If the Rx weight is out of your range, adjust the KB repetitions in order to get the “heavier” stimulus of the loading. Similarly, instead of getting stuck on pull-ups or struggling to find an exact rep scheme, give yourself :60 of attempts to accumulate as many pull-ups as possible. If this is still too much, then we should look at performing ring rows today.


Manage your grip! If you think the pull-up and double KB swing combo is going to create issues for your hands, then avoid the mindset of going unbroken. Instead, formulate a back-up plan that requires
breaking sets into manageable chunks.

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