Tuesday January 19th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday January 19th


Tuesday January 19th

Part 1:

Wall Ball Warm-up

Part 2:

“Humpback Catshark”

3 Rounds:
400m Run
50 Wall Balls (20/14#)*
*Every time you break the wall
balls, complete 10/7 Cal Bike (14/10 Rower)

RX 20/14, L2 16/12, L1 12/8


Run => 500/450m Row => 1200/900 Bike


3:00 Max Rep DB Floor Press
3:00 Russian Twist w/ Medicine Ball


Because of the challenge, we need to make sure we select the right weight or repetition scheme for the wall ball. If not, we may miss the stimulus. Our challenge to you is to select a wall ball weight or rep scheme that allows you to get through at least half of the reps on the first set. You should be able to do 25+ unbroken reps in your first set if you decide to do 50 reps in the workout. This is a really great opportunity to practice and learn how to perform larger wall ball shot sets. We don’t normally modify wall ball weight, but today is a good day to try it in order to understand the feeling of consistent and fast movement. It’s also an excellent way to challenge
yourself to accumulate more volume. Ideally, with the correct loading option, you should only have to visit the bike ~4-5 times throughout the workout.
Scaling Options:
If the Rx’d weight is out of your range, adjust the WB repetitions in order to maintain the stimulus of the loading. Wall balls should take ~1:30-3:00 on the longer end. Keep this in mind when selecting the load. For the run, select a distance that can be completed in ~2:15 or under and will allow you to pick up the wall ball within :10 of arriving back in the gym.
Run at a moderate pace. If you sprint the first run you may put yourself in a hole, making it hard to recover quickly and tackle large sets of wall ball shots. Be smart, but don’t undersell yourselves. If you end up taking a penalty bike ride, rest a few extra seconds before getting back to the wall ball shots.

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