Tuesday January 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday January 27th


Tuesday January 27th



Strength: EMOTM 10 – Alternate Hollow Holds and Superman Holds

SNOW WOD: “Snow Day” – Post Times to Blog.

Buy-in: 20 Burpees then

5 RFT of

5 Push-ups,

10 Sit-ups,

20 Mountain Climbers.

Then Cash-out: 20 Burpees.

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  1. Stacy D

    I did the WOD with modified pushups in 6:26 and then I was wondering how I did so fast…Oops it’s because I forgot the burpees. So after, I did 20 burpees in 3.01 and bailed on the second 20. I did shovel for over an hour though. 🙂

  2. Jess K

    10:51, RX, but done outside in about 6″ of snow in full “I’m shoveling” gear: winter coat, boots, etc. 🙂 Now out to shovel again!

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