Tuesday June 21st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday June 21st


Tuesday June 21st



Today is an opportunity for athletes to work on higher gymnastics skills under fatigue.

Athletes should try and use a higher box that allows them to complete 5 to 10 reps every :30.

The number of muscle-ups performed will vary based on the individual’s skill set, but the athlete should be able to perform at least 1 rep each minute.

Perform a muscle-up progression that covers the majority of the scaling options for today’s workout. During this time, there could be an opportunity for an athlete to attempt their first muscle-up.

If an athlete can’t successfully perform a muscle-up in the warm-up, then they shouldn’t be attempting them in the workout. Instead, they should put effort into a scaling option that will best carry over to them performing a muscle-up. Today is not the day to try and fail over and over.


For total reps:
EMOM 14:
Min. 1 | :30 box jumps (30/24 in)
Min. 2 | Ring Muscle-ups / Bar Muscle-ups


For total reps:
EMOM 14:
Min. 1 | :30 box jumps (24/20 in)
Min. 2 | Low ring muscle-up transitions


For total reps:
EMOM 14:
Min. 1 | :30 box step-ups (20/15 in)
Min. 2 | Banded pull-ups


On a 10:00 clock:
Build to a heavy 3-rep strict chest-to-bar pull-up or strict/banded pull-ups
– Add load anyway


3 sets:
:30 ATY
:30 banded shoulder stretch / arm


Target reps | 100+ Reps

Today’s workout is intended to focus on working a high skill under some moderate fatigue. Some athletes will perform the muscle-up, while others will use a skill that works towards the muscle-up.

Athletes doing muscle-ups should be able to get at least 1 rep each minute. If an athlete isn’t confident they can do that, have them perform a challenging skill that gets them closer to the muscle-up.

Have athletes proficient in the muscle-up perform sustainable sets. These athletes should look to perform 2-3 sets a minute with 5-10 reps at a time. Athletes scaling the muscle-up should select a skill that will allow them to perform more than 1 rep each minute so they can spend more time accumulating reps to get better at the movement.

Athletes should look to get 5-10 box jumps every:30. Every athlete should push pretty hard during the :30 given that they get :30 of rest before the muscle-ups.

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