Tuesday June 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday June 2nd


Tuesday June 2nd

Someones excited to be back in the gym

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General Warm Up:

3 Rounds of
15 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats
10 Plank Jacks
15 Good Mornings


10 Squat to Stand
Javelin Stretch – 1 minute each side
Roll Lower Back – 1 minute
Tricep Stretch –  1 minute each side

Specific Warm Up:

Lighter weight 1st round, WOD weight 2nd round
6  DB Deadlifts
6 Burpees over DB
6 DB Front Squats


3 Rounds of 4 minutes work/1 minute of rest of:

10 DB Deadlifts, 10 Burpees over DB, 10 DB Front Squats, 10 Burpees over the DB.  RX 50/35, L2 40/25, L1 30/20


Burpees over => Regular Burpees or less burpees


Keep moving at a steady pace for the full 4 minutes. Don’t let your HR get too high during the burpees.


Roll Lower Back, Hamstrings, Quads

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