Tuesday June 30th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday June 30th


Tuesday June 30th

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General Warm-up:

2 rounds Jumprope :45 on/:15 rest.


Banded Pass Thru’s x 20, Banded Hamstring Stretch – 1 minute each leg, Softball Glutes – 1 minute each leg .


AMWUP 5 – 5 PVC Snatch High Pulls, 5 PVC Power Snatch, 10 OHS, 10 Step Back Lunges. 

Part 1:

Snatch & OH Lunge Warm-up. 3 Rounds of 3 Snatch and 6 OH Lunges (PVC, Barbell, Lighter WOD) Rest 2 minutes between.

Part 2:

“Billy’s Idea”

10 Rounds of 3 Power Snatch, 10 Alternating OH Lunges.

RX 95/65, 75/50, 55/35. 20 min time cap.


Snatch => Hang Snatch or Clean or DB Snatch, OH Lunges => Front/Back Rack Lunges or DB Lunges.


This WOD will be similar in stimulus to 6/16 Thruster/Lunge WOD. Your goal is to do 13 reps unbroken each round but try and challenge your weight for this instead of going to light. (We would rather you take weight off than finish to fast)

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