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Tuesday May 24th


Tuesday May 24th



Prioritize lifting heavier in today’s workout. Athletes can push the calories on the machine they use but this shouldn’t fatigue them so badly that it affects their ability to lift well.

Athletes will be lifting from a rack in today’s workout.

Have athletes start around 50% of their 1-rep max and build slowly throughout the 10 rounds.

Advise athletes to hold a consistent amount of calories on the machine each time. A good goal is anywhere from 14-20 calories each time.

Athletes should have about :30-45 between rounds to change weights if needed.


Every 2 minutes for
10 rounds:
3 front squats
1:00 calories on any machine
– Increase front squat load as desired.


On a 3:00 clock:
Max-effort plank hold
– Rest as little as possible/try to go unbroken.
– Add load for athletes who can perform 3:00 unbroken.


2 sets:
1:00 quadriceps foam roll
1:00 saddle stretch


Target loading | Relatively heavy based on the individual

The goal is to add weight to the barbell each round while maintaining the same amount of calories in the 1:00 efforts. Athletes should start around 50% of their 1-rep max and build slowly throughout the 10 rounds.

Athletes shouldn’t fail a front squat at any point. Advise athletes to build slowly. This workout will start to fatigue them quickly and they don’t want to find themselves in a situation where they’re no longer able to build after the fourth or fifth round. A good idea is to add 10-20 lb at a time depending on ability.

Some athletes may choose to find a more moderate weight and stay there instead of building each round. Advise them to select a weight that is still somewhat challenging.

Today’s pace on the machine should be considered moderately fast. We want the athlete to pick a target goal and try to hold that over 10 rounds. For example, try to get 15 calories each time. Even though the athlete may be able to get 20 calories in the first round, they’re holding back because they know it probably won’t be sustainable for 10 rounds. Advise athletes to go just a little slower than they want to in the first couple of rounds, and pick it up in the back half of the workout if they can.

Depending on the machine they choose, athletes can expect to perform anywhere from 14-20 calories each minute. The rower is where you will likely see the most calories accumulated with the Echo or Assault bike being the least.

Note that the machine will also change how easy or hard the lifting portion will be. For example, an Echo bike is going to fatigue your legs much more than a SkiErg or a rower. Have your athletes consider this when selecting their machine.


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