Tuesday November 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday November 27th


Tuesday November 27th

Part 1: OHS, Build to a heavy 3 in 15 minutes.

Part 2: “Breaking Ground” For Time:
500m Run
35 Lateral Barbell Burpees
50 Overhead Squats

Notes:From the rack for Hvy 3, From the floor for WOD. Should use a weight that athletes can do good size sets. At least 10 reps at a time, little rest time.

RX 95/65, L2 75/50, L1 55/35


Part 1: Back Squats 5×5 Building.

Part 2: For Time 400m Run, 35 Burpees, 50 Goblet Squats, 35 Burpees, 400m Run.


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