Tuesday Oct 8th Challenge Day 8 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday Oct 8th Challenge Day 8


Tuesday Oct 8th Challenge Day 8

 Easy Side Dish or snack

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“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.


Back Squat


Building to a heavy double rest 90sec


“Bump and Jump”

5 RFT  of

50 DU,

10 T2B,

10 Burpees,

1 Rope Climb

18 Responses

  1. Amanda

    This weekend I reached the “I want to kick your sand castle over” point of the nutrition challenge. Feeling more grounded now, still following the plan. Made my own salsa and mayo.

  2. Sharon

    Just put on a pair of jeans fresh out of the dryer, and I didn’t have to wiggle into them nearly as much as I’ve had to in the past! Just bought a spaghetti squash – looking forward to making it for dinner later on.

  3. Julie Leonard

    Just made kale chips for the first time. They were good! Jerilyn, grilled tomatoes(brushed with evoo) are yummy too!

  4. Steph noris

    I’m so sore w/ more consistent days at DHCF. Any one have good suggestions on soothing sore muscles. it was TOUGH getting out of bed this morning….I hope it’s not a struggle at 445am tomorrow!

  5. Diamond Hill CrossFit

    Steph, using the foam roller before and after (or anytime) workouts can help soothe sore muscles.

    Food Logs are looking great, keep it up DHCF!

  6. sarah

    Had lunch at Panera today. They have a menu called the Hidden Menu. It is four salads full of protein…eggs, meat and it comes with olive oil for dressing. Yummy…and nice to eat out.

  7. Amy

    My son requested taco “salad” tonight (taco Tuesdays at our house). I didn’t miss the tortilla/shells like I thought I would and discovered vegetables with guacamole is great!

  8. Kristy Peterson

    I wish I could “like” these comments :)! Steph N – I am into essential oils right now and am going to try a Deep Relief roll on they have – should get it within the week – I will let you know!

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