Tuesday October 15th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Tuesday October 15th


Tuesday October 15th

Part 1: Narrow grip bench press – 5,5,5,5,5 building to medium weight.

Part 2: “Harder Jumping Heavy 1/2 Cindy”

AMRAP 10 – 5 C2B, 10 HRPU, 15 Goblet Squats, 20 DU.

Rx 53/44, L2 44/35, L1 35/26.

Scale: C2B>pull ups>ring rows HRPU>Box, DU>SUx2

Notes: Stimulus = Stamina

Part 1: Narrow grip will mean less weight than traditional bench press. Working to medium weight, no failures.

Part 2: Extra difficulty of the movements will slow this WOD down compared to regular Cindy. Pacing will be important

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