Wednesday August 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday August 26th


Wednesday August 26th

General Warm Up: 

Repeat for 2 sets:  150m row, 20 sec hollow hold, 20 sec superman hold, 8 V ups  8 ring rows  


Foam roll lats 1 min ea side, Lax ball pecs 1 min ea side Banded tricep stretch 1 min ea side

Warm Up 2:

Partners – Switch off: 30 second bar hang, 30 seconds of small kip swings, 30 seconds bigger kip swings, 30 seconds of knees up, :30 seconds T2B or T2B attempts, then for 2-3 min have MU & Pull Up athletes warm up and RR and V-Up athletes, set up rings and square for WOD.

Part 2: 

3 Rounds, each for time.
250m Row
12 Bar Muscle Ups
200m Run
12 Toes To Bar
~ 3 min rest between rounds ~


Scores will be the time for each round. Athletes should push pace during work time. 3-6 min per round. If you get hung up on bar MU reduce reps even during WOD.

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