Wednesday February 20th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday February 20th


Wednesday February 20th

Part 1: 5,4,3,2,1 Strict press. Build to a 1RM, Rest as needed.

Part 2: “Go Fish”

1000m Row then 3 rounds of 21 V-Ups, 15 Hang Cleans, 9 Push Jerks.

RX 115/75, L2 95/65, L1 75/55

Notes: Building to a 1 RM for Strict press. WOD should be quick through the movements and steady on the rows.


Part 1: Superset – Strict Press and Step back Lunges – 10-8-6-4-2.

Part 2: 1000m Row then 3 RFT of 21 Ball Slams, 15 Dball Situps, 9 Dball WBS, then 500m Row. *go as high as possible on DBall WBS.

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