Wednesday February 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday February 23rd


Wednesday February 23rd



Look to finish this workout in 9:00-14:00.

A good goal for each round is roughly 4:00.

Nothing should slow athletes down too much. They should be able to move from one movement to the next without much rest.

The thrusters should feel light and be performed in big sets.

The knees-to-elbows should be performed in 3 sets or less.

Sprint the pre-workout run.


3 rounds for time:
200-m run
20 knees-to-elbows
200-m run
20 DB thrusters (40/25 lb)


3 rounds for time:
200-m run
20 knees-to-armpits
200-m run
20 DB thrusters (30/15 lb)


3 rounds for time:
200-m run
20 hanging knee raises
200-m run
10  DB thrusters/arm (20/10 lb)


For time:
800-m run, 2400-m bike, 1000-m row


2 sets:
:30 standing quad stretch/leg
:30 pigeon stretch/leg


Target | 9:00-14:00

Today’s workout is intended to be performed at a relatively high intensity. This doesn’t mean coming out of the gate swinging — pacing is key. Advise athletes to break up the thrusters and knees-to-elbows early so they can move faster in the long run.

Most athletes should take about 4:00 to complete each round. Athletes should be mindful of how long each individual round takes them. If their first round is 3:00 and their final round is 5:00, they attacked this incorrectly. Each round should take the same amount of time, or for your advanced athletes, aim for negative splits each round.

The time of each individual run shouldn’t change much throughout the workout. A good goal is to finish each 200-m run in less than 1:00. Advanced athletes may be able to complete the run in ~:45.

The knees-to-elbows should allow members to push for bigger sets than they would on toes-to-bars. Advise athletes to be strategic about how they break these up as they get hard quick. Performing 20 reps in 2 to 3 sets is a great goal.

This workout can be ruined by going too heavy on the thrusters. Athletes should select a weight that is light for something. They should perform the 20 reps in 2 sets or less. If at any point in the workout the thrusters are broken up into more than 3 sets, they went way too heavy.

Tell athletes to take a shot at an 800-m run PR during today’s pre-workout fun.

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