Wednesday January 13th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday January 13th


Wednesday January 13th

Part 1:

V-Up Progression

Part 2:

“Lemon Shark”
For Time:
50 Sit-Ups
40 Russian Twists
30 V-Ups
60 Barbell Lunges
30 V-Ups
40 Russian Twists
50 Sit-Ups

RX 115/80, L2 95/65, L1 75/45


Barbell Lunges => DB Suitcase Lunges


3 Sets:
10-15 Barbell Staggered-Stance Good Mornings*
10-15 Barbell Landmine Rows (Two-Handed)
*:02 Down, :02 Up


The main focus today is making sure we have the appropriate loading and repetition scheme. The time range of completion will fall within the 12:00-20:00 mark. Don’t be fooled by an “it’s only abs” mindset. Be smart by breaking up the sets appropriately early on. Going out hot, although an option, may not end so well on the backside of the workout. Of extreme importance: please be sure to select an appropriate lunge load that can be safely placed onto the back rack. Any apprehensions, nervousness, or lack of ability, means the bar will remain in the front rack or the load will be reduced. If we cannot perform 10 repetitions in a row, either reduce the load OR consider cutting repetitions in half.

Scaling & Substitutions:

Challenge your athletes to maintain complexity and instead reduce reps to something that they can accomplish in at most 2-4 sets.

Strategy & Tips:

Break the Russian twists into 2-3 sets and then split the v-ups up into sets of 7-10 reps. Our challenge goal today is to perform the back end of 50 sit-ups unbroken, no matter what speed. Fling those arms and fight to keep moving forward!

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