Wednesday January 24th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday January 24th


Wednesday January 24th

Skill: 5 min – Rowing Technique work, 5 min DU practice.

WOD: “Jump Rowp”

Row 500m, 50 DU,
Row 400m, 40 DU,
Row 300m, 30 DU,
Row 200m, 20 DU,
Row 100m, 10 DU.
All jump rope must be unbroken.
SU x 3. 20 min cap

Notes: Catch your breath and focus on jump rope, you do not want to have to redo your sets.


3 x 10 Y, I, T’s

Row 500m, 150 SU,
Row 400m, 120 SU,
Row 300m, 90 SU,
Row 200m, 60 SU,
Row 100m, 30 SU.
Jumprope must be unbroken. 20 min cap.

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