Wednesday January 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday January 27th


Wednesday January 27th

Part 1:

Deadlift Progressions & Warm-up

Part 2: 


Newer Athletes:



Deadlift => Reduce loading for pain free range of motion, Good Morning, Glute Bridges


3 Sets:
10 Snatch Grip Shrugs
20 Barbell Glute Bridges


Today’s heavy day gives us a chance to focus on max strength, but also let our body recover from the volume and reps throughout this week. You also have the chance to bring the intensity down from the rest of this week which is important because that will also help your body recover and be ready for the rest of the week. We want all of you to NOT use a mixed grip today and instead keep a double overhand for all sets. This will be beneficial to us in many ways and will have tons of carryover for other
movements. Without a mixed grip we might not be able to lift as much as we normally do and that’s OK. Today we have 9 total working sets; 3 sets at each rep range 5-4-3. We want to rest about ~2 minutes between sets. We want these to be ascending in load today, meaning your last set of 3 will be the heaviest weight you pull today. Sets should be “deadstop”, meaning that you pause for a partial moment at the bottom of the rep (i.e. no touch-and-go reps). However, make sure the hands stay on the bar the entire time. Remember that “heavy” simply means something heavy for you and heavier than you would not normally use in a workout. 


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