Wednesday January 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday January 2nd


Wednesday January 2nd

Part 1: 90 Seconds max Strict Pullups/Banded/Ring Rows, rest 1 min, 60 sec max PU, rest 1 min, 30 sec max PU, rest 2 minutes then Front Rack KB & OH Get-Ups 4 x 4 each leg, building

Part 2: “Brain Freeze”

AMRAP 15 – Row 250m 10 T2B (15 K2W), 2- 20m Shuttle Run. 

Notes: Pullups are max number not unbroken. Get-ups should get heavier each set. Do not need the same weight in each hand. 1 Shuttle run is 20m up and back


Same as Main

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