Wednesday July 13th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday July 13th


Wednesday July 13th



Higher skill weightlifting complex.

Loading will be limited to your best push press.

Start around 70% of your best push press and increase loading across each set.

Take time to reset between movements.


7 sets For load:
1 push press + 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk


7 sets For load:
2 push presses + 2 push jerks


10 rounds with a partner for time:
15/12 calorie bike
– You go, I go


1 set:
1:00 banded shoulder stretch/arm
1:00 PVC pass-throughs
1:00 cumulative table-top stretch


Target load | Start around 70% of your best push press.

Today’s workout is a classic heavy day. The goal is for each athlete to lift something heavy relative to their capacity. The load should challenge each person both physically and mentally. If someone is able to talk and/or is unfocused during their lift, the weight is not heavy enough.

This weightlifting complex is technically challenging. Footwork will be the key to success, so expect to spend a good amount of time in the warm-up focusing on what to do with the feet.

Athletes will be limited in this complex by their best push press and their ability to navigate their footwork.

Athletes will work in groups of 2-3, so they can share barbells and racks. This will limit the amount of equipment we have to get out and will keep everyone motivated and focused on their task.

We are going to start a new lift every 3:00. This will give each athlete plenty of time to perform their set and rest prior to lifting again.

After the lifting complex, we will finish with a fun partner “workout”. Here you can expect to push hard for :30-:45 and then recover while your partner does the same.

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