Wednesday July 20th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday July 20th


Wednesday July 20th




CrossFit benchmark “The Total” was used at the 2007 Crossfit Games on the final day. It is also a classic CrossFit strength test.

Heavy day.

Lift as heavy as possible for each movement.

Athletes have 10:00 to complete the squat, 10:00 for the shoulder press, and 10:00 for the deadlift.

Complete at least 3 heavy singles for each movement.

Rest 1:30-3:00 between lifts.


For load:
1-rep max back squat
1-rep max shoulder press
1-rep max deadlift


Rest, stretch, recover


2 sets:
:30 scorpion stretch hold/side
:30 pigeon stretch/leg


Target | Lift as heavy as possible,  relative to the athlete.

Today’s workout is a benchmark workout, the “CrossFit Total”. This workout falls in line with our monthly focus as it was performed at the CrossFit Games in 2007!

The goal for today is to lift as heavy as possible for each movement. Aim to hit around 85%+ of your 1-rep max for each movement.

Something to keep in mind is that the lifts will affect one another. Meaning, that by the time you get to the deadlift, your body will be fairly fatigued from the previous two lifts. The goal isn’t to necessarily try and PR each lift, instead try to accumulate as much load as possible over the 3 lifts. Something to consider is leaving a few pounds in the tank during the squat so that you can still perform well during your deadlift.

Consider taking slightly larger jumps when adding load for each lift. The reasoning behind this is so that you preserve as much energy as possible for your heaviest lift. For example, if your goal is to back squat 315 lbs, your sets make you like, 275, 295, and 315. Rather than 295, 305, 315. The second example will leave you much more fatigued going into your 315 lb back squat, than the first example.

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