Wednesday July 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday July 27th


Wednesday July 27th



Today is our heavy day.

Athletes should start with a heavy load and decrease the load as the reps increase.

Athletes should be able to use 85%+ of the best single for the first three sets. 80%+ for the middle three sets. 70%+ for the last three sets.


For load:
3 sets:
Every 3:00
1 front squat
3 sets:
Every 2:00
2 front squats
3 sets:
Every 1:00
3 front squat


1 set:
400-m front rack walk (Barbell 95/65 lb, DB 50/35)


2 sets:
:30 standing quad stretch/side
:30 quad foam roll/side


Target load | 85%+ of their 1-rm for the first three sets. 80%+ for the middle three sets. 70%+ for the last three sets.

In today’s workout you will be working with very heavy weights for your first 3 sets. As you can see, as the sets go on, the reps increase and the rest decreases. For this reason, you will want to decrease the loading as the workout goes on. Your first 3 sets should be around 85% of your 1-rm or more. The middle 3 sets should be around 80$ and your last 3 sets should be around 70%.

You can build in weight for the first 3 sets or stay at one heavy weight for all of them. Although the weight is intended to be heavy and we’re performing 1 rep at a time, today isn’t a day where we’re looking to find a new PR. If of course, you’re feeling amazing, then you can potentially take an attempt at a new 1-rep max but this should only happen if you know for a fact you won’t miss.

Although the weights get lighter, the final 3 sets will be very challenging. There will be very limited rest and you will feel the fatigue set in the final set. Try not to lower the weight during the final 3 sets, Instead, keep one weight that feels moderately challenging at first and then becomes tough by the end,

We will wrap with an accessory piece that focuses on building front-rack and core strength.

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