Wednesday June 10th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday June 10th


Wednesday June 10th

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General Warm Up:

200m easy run then line drills (in place)
Over the Hurdle Front Facing
Knee Hugs x 10
Samson Stretch x 10
Soldier Walk x 10
TipToe walk – :20 seconds
Heel Walk  – :20 seconds
Toes in heels up walk – :20 seconds
Toes out heels up walk – :20 seconds
High Knees x 20
Butt Kickers x 20
200m run at faster pace than first

Part 1:

3 Sets of 10 Turkish Situps (5R/5L). Rest 1 minute between.

Specific warm up:

2 Sets of 100m Run
20 DUs/40 SUS

Part 2:

4 Sets of 400m run, 50 DUs. Rest 1 minute between rounds.


Run => Row 500m/450m, DU => SU x 3


Stimulus in Part 1 is to improve shoulder stability as well as core in OH position. For part 2, consistency on run, each round should be same pace, about 80% of max capacity


200m walk, then 10 Chicken walk stretch, 10 Standing figure 4


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