Wednesday June 1st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday June 1st


Wednesday June 1st




This workout allows us to build our overall conditioning and stamina.

Loading, volume, and complexity should allow for large sets. Try to push for at least one unbroken round.

Adjust your speed on the box step-ups to keep moving and regain energy for the other two movements.

Finish each set of KB swings in 2 sets or less.


5 rounds for time:
40 double-unders
30 box step-ups (24/20 in)
20 KB swings (53/35 lb)


5 rounds for time:
30 double-unders
25 box step-ups (24/20 in)
20 KB swings (44/26 lb)


5 rounds for time:
50 single-unders
20 box step-ups (20/18 in)
15 KB swings (35/18 lb)


Rest, stretch, recover


1:00 foam roll quads
1:00 foam roll lower back
1:00 foam roll calves


Target time | 12:00-18:00

In today’s workout we will continue to keep the skill relatively low, but increase the volume and intensity. However, if needed, the repetitions and loads can be reduced to accommodate those still recovering from Murph on Monday. Don’t push yourself to do something your body is not ready for.

As we look at this workout, we see large numbers attached to each movement. Especially today, this means we want to choose movements that allow us to perform large chunks of repetitions and rest minimally when we do have to break. The focus should be on constant and consistent movement.

Today is a great day to practice double-unders in the workout. Spend no more than 1:00 accumulating as many double-unders as possible.
The kettlebell swing is a movement in which we can practice using a heavier load in a workout. Maintain 20 reps in each round but limit the range of motion to shoulder height if needed.

After the workout, we will spend time stretching and recovering. We have had a busy and strenuous first few days of the week. Take this time to work out any lingering soreness and recover before the back half of the week.

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