Wednesday June 29th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday June 29th


Wednesday June 29th



Building strength in the overhead squat.

Athletes should start near 70% of their 1-rep max and build to a heavy 3-reps over the 7 sets.

Perform a new set every 3:00.


7 sets for load:
3 overhead squats


7 sets for load:
5 overhead squats


5 sets:
5 sots press
– Increase loading across as many sets as possible.


1:00 banded shoulder stretch/side
1:00 couch stretch/side


Target load | 85%+ of 1-rep max

Today’s workout is intended to build strength in the overhead squat. Athletes should be using relatively heavier weights. Have them start around 70% of their 1-rep max. From there, have them build to upwards of 85-100% of their 1 rep max.

If an athlete doesn’t want to go super heavy, they can stay at the same weight for all 7 sets. Just ensure these athletes are using an appropriate weight and consider having them do 5 reps every time.

Advise your athletes to take their time performing the overhead squat. The limiting factor to how much weight they can lift often comes down to how well they can stabilize the bar overhead. Rushing through the squat makes this very challenging.

In the warm-up, we will spend a lot of time getting everyone comfortable in the bottom of the overhead squat. During this time, do your best to focus on the range of motion and find what stance and grip on the bar work best for you.

Once we complete the workout, we will spend time building strength and positioning in the bottom of the overhead squat by performing a sots press.

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