Wednesday March 25th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday March 25th


Wednesday March 25th

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2 minute Jog or 2 minutes of jump rope
3 rounds of
10 Squats
10 Dead Bugs
3 Negative Push-ups ( slowly lower with chest hitting first)


Knight to Hamstring – 1 minute each side
Downward Dog with calf stretch – 10x per leg
Pec Stretch – use doorway or pole – 1 minute each arm

Part 1:

3 Sets of 45 second Front Plank into 20 second Side Plank (ea side) – Rest 1 minute between sets.

Part 2:

3 RFT of 400m run, 24 Step Back Lunges, 24 Sit-ups, 24 Push Ups.

Notes: Stamina WOD. Longer run should be steady with the Lunges and Sit-ups going unbroken and breaking up Push-ups into smaller sets that you can move through quickly.

Scale/Sub: Run => Distance (~2:00 min) or 500m Row or 150 Speed Steps

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