Wednesday May 11th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday May 11th


Wednesday May 11th



Build in weight each set. Start with a moderate load for the set of 12 and end with a heavy load for the set of 4.

Athletes should aim to start around 60% of their 1-rep max and end at 80-85%.

Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

Building muscle and strength in the posterior chain.


5 sets for load:
Sumo deadlifts


3 sets:
10 GHD hip extensions or 20 Good AM’s 45/35
10 GHD back extensions or 20 Supermans


1:00 sit and reach (right leg)
1:00 sit and reach (left leg)
1:00 sit and reach (straddle)


Target load | Start around 60% and end around 80-85% of 1-rep max.

Start with a moderate load and end heavy.

Today is a fun strength session. At first, the workout will be about their ability to perform multiple reps in a row with proper technique. This will build their strength endurance. By the end of the workout, they’re going to perform 4 heavy reps and build absolute strength. This workout works on the best of both worlds.

Don’t allow athletes to overlook the high-rep sets because they’re not as heavy. The purpose is to build strength endurance as well as build the skill of touch-and-go reps with a heavier load.

Athletes shouldn’t take large jumps from set to set. Instead, aim for 10-20-lb increments. For example, an athlete starts at 200 lb for 12, then 220 lb for 10, 240 lb for 8, 255 lb for 6, and 275 lb for 4. Don’t let athletes start with a warm-up weight for their set of 12 and 10 to preserve energy for the set of 4. Each set should be relatively difficult.

Within each set, we want to see good technique and control of the barbell — no aggressive bouncing of the barbell during touch-and-go reps. Instead, it should be a very light tap.

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