Wednesday May 18th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday May 18th


Wednesday May 18th



Finish in 10:00-15:00.

Today is a heavy day in disguise. The weight for the back squats should be moderately heavy but something with which you can perform each round in 2-3 sets.

Build leg strength and endurance.

Work on running under total body fatigue. Runs can be used to recover, but shouldn’t take longer than 2:30 from start to finish.


For time:
Back squats (225/155 lb)
– Run 400 m after each set of back squats.


For time:
Back squats (155/105 lb)
– Run 400 m after each set of back squats.


For time:
Back squats (95/65 lb)
– Run 300 m after each set of back squats.


For load:
EMOM 10:
2 back squats


2 sets:
:30 standing quad stretch/leg
:30 couch stretch/leg


Target time  | 10:00-15:00

Today’s workout is a combination of strength and endurance. Advise athletes to use a weight that will challenge them to perform each round of back squats in 2-3 sets at most.

Ideally, these athletes can perform the round of 9 unbroken, the set of 15 in 2 sets or less, and the round of 21 in 3 sets or less. If an athlete has to break up the round of 9 into 2 sets, they likely won’t be able to perform the round of 21 in 3 sets or less.

For many athletes today’s workout is limited by using the heaviest weight that they can safely take from the floor to the back rack.

Encourage athletes to not put the barbell down more than once each round. Instead, advise them to rest with the bar on their back. The reason for this is that the amount of time it takes to put the bar down and clean and jerk it back up is time-consuming and requires a good bit of energy. Doing this 2-3 times each set is too much.

Athletes don’t need to squat crazy fast. Rather than performing extremely quick reps and getting their heart rates up, athletes should perform reps at a controlled pace that allows them to focus.

Athletes can use the run to push the pace or recover. If an athlete needs to either make up time or loves back squats, advise them to push it. An athlete who might consider using the run to recover may struggle with back squats and need more time to recover before the next round. Regardless, the run should take no longer than 2:30.

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