Wednesday Oct 9th Challenge Day 9 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday Oct 9th Challenge Day 9


Wednesday Oct 9th Challenge Day 9

2013-10-01 05.51.14

Bullet Proof Shoulders


10 min Grip Work – Partners (One partner does plate hold while other partner hangs from bar)



400m run,

9 Squat Cleans,

400m run,

12 Pull-up,s

400m run

15 KBS,

400m run,


RX 135/95, 53/35, L2 105/75, 44/26, L1 75/45, 35/18

11 Responses

  1. Amy

    Nice post, Ken. The ultimate test of willpower today…my sister in law showed up with a chicken pie, party pizza and cupcakes from the bakery. Oi.

  2. sarah

    WOW Amy! That must have been tough!
    Difficult WOD this am but I felt good after it was over…
    Organic sausage on the grill with vegetables for dinner…with organic mustard on the side.

  3. Keith Mackey

    Great work today everyone. Only 3 weeks left on the challenge. Keep up the great work. Nice job today Susan. Now convince some of those friends they can also do it.

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