Wednesday September 16th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday September 16th


Wednesday September 16th

How often do you eat fish?

Fish is a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which helps fight inflammation and important for optimal brain function

Wild caught over farm raised will be higher in overall nutritional value and omega 3s

To any pregnant athletes – eat fish low in mercury and consult with your doctor regarding how often he/she recommends you to eat fish

General Warm-up:

2 Rounds of 100m Run, 200m Row.


Banded Hamstring Stretch – 1 minute per side, Pancake Stretch – 1 minute, Frog Stretch – 1 minute.

Warm-up 2:

Line Drills.

Part 1:

10 x 100m Sprints, walk back for rest

Part 2:

Partner M/M 5000m Row – Alt every 500m, M/F 4500m Row – Alt every 450m, F/F 4000m Row – Alt every 400m.


Walk 100m, Foam Roll Quads, Glutes.


Part 1 is about consistency, trying to get the same time each run. Should be working at about 80-90% and getting within 5 seconds each run. Part 2 is the same, pick a 500m pace and try to stick with it for all 5 rows picking up pace at the end of each row to finish strong.

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