Wednesday September 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday September 23rd


Wednesday September 23rd

Have you ever logged your food before?

If you are looking to step up your performance or achieve any weight loss/gain goals, tracking your food is a great tool to help you do so.

Try using a food tracker App like MyFitnessPal or Lose It to track your calorie intake.

Logging your food can help with accountability. If you have any questions, talk to our nutrition coach.

General Warm-up:

1 minute of speed steps.


Crossbody shoulder stretch – 1 minute arm, Up/Down Dog – 1 minute, Pass Thrus x 20

Part 1:

Core: 4 – 2 min rnds of:30 plank jacks, :30 DB Pull Thrus, :30 Up/Downs, :30 Plank. Rest 2 minutes.

Warm-Up 2:

3 Rounds – 5 Step ups, 5 Pushups, 15 DU/30 SU. (Last Round WOD exercises)

Part 2:

AMRAP 12 of 10 Box Jumps, 5 Strict HSPU, 25 DU’s.

RX+ (Deficit w/45# plates)


Box Jumps => Step Ups, HSPU => Abmat => Box/Bear Crawl, Dus => 60 SUs


Softball Calves, Lax Ball Shoulders.


HSPU should be strict even if scaling.

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