Wednesday September 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday September 2nd


Wednesday September 2nd

What’s your favorite vegetable?

Different colored veggies give you different vitamins and minerals

Preparation methods can change the taste – you might like a vegetable prepared one way but not the other

For instance – cauliflower makes a great substitute for mashed potatoes or rice 

General Warm Up: 

400m run then 2 sets of 10 Squats, 10 Tuck Jumps, 10 Push Ups, 10 empty BB rows. 


Static Snow Angel (Overhead) – 90 seconds, Knight  to Hamstring – 1 minute each side, Squat Hold – 1 minute

Warm Up 2:

PVC pipe – work on proper set up for OHS  then slowly lower to bottom 1 inch  at at a time. Do this for 2 sets. Then 5 OHS with coach keeping tempo of down/up.  

Burgerner Warm up: 

For Snatch with Empty Barbell

Warm Up 3:

Review all movements for part 2. Then have athletes do 5 reps of each with WOD weight.

Part 2:

For Time: 400m run, 15 OHS, 400m run, 15 Power Snatches, 400m run, 15 Front Squats, 400m run, 15 Squat Cleans.

Rx 95/65, L2 75/55, L1 65/35 (20 min cap)


OHS => FS => BS, Squat Clean => Power Cleans


WOD weight should be moderate, if rested could do all unbroken.  Run should be at a steady pace.Each run being about same pace

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