Wednesday September 4th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Wednesday September 4th


Wednesday September 4th

Part 1: 10 min of DU/SU/Speed Step Practice. Odd – DU/SU & Even – Speed Steps

Part 2:

AMRAP 5 – 750/650m Row, AMRAP DU/SU.

Rest 4 minutes.

AMRAP 6 – 800m Run, AMRAP Speed Steps

Scale: Scale Row if needed so not longer than ~3 min. Scale run if needed so not longer than ~4 min. Can also scale run to a 1000m Row.

Notes: Stimulus = Conditioning Endurance.

Part 1 is warm-up and practice for WOD. 30 sec on 30 sec off.

Part 2 – Should be about 2 min left for jumprope in both AMRAPs. 2 Scores – total SU/DU and Total Speed Steps. Row and Run should be hard but not so hard you can’t pickup the rope right away.

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